Algorithmic Futures: How Futuristic Fiction Portrays Human Free Will in Neoliberal Capitalism

*Spoilers ahead for Westworld (2016-present) seasons 1–3*

In narratives depicting the future, usually science fiction texts, technology dictates the story. The sub-genre of the “15-minutes from now” science fiction proves popular television programming in recent years, from the cult classic Netflix anthology series Black Mirror (2011-present), to HBO’s Westworld (2016-present)…

Big Mouth (2017-present) is one of the more recent additions to the resurgence of adult animation. Created by Nick Kroll; Andrew Goldberg; Mark Levin; and Jennifer Flackett, the Netflix series features a group of young Americans facing puberty in the modern world. The series creates an embodiment of their hormones…

The television series Westworld (2016-present) explores a futuristic world where human-like “hosts”, advanced robots, populate theme parks — most of the series is based in an old Wild West theme park, but we are aware of other parks — designed for humans to use and interact with as they please…

Megan K

Recent graduate in BA (hons) English Literature and Film. I love books, films and TV that make me think.

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